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Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased): A Blast from the Past (S1EP5 BBC-1 15 Apr 2000, Paul Whitehouse)



A Blast from the Past: Harry Wallis was once the partner in the police force of Marty’s father, Larry Hopkirk, until Maurice Crabbe killed Larry and disabled Wallis, in revenge for their killing of his brother, the hardened criminal Sidney Crabbe, though Maurice is also left severely disabled by the incident. Marty’s tuition from Wyvern concludes, and he is then able to enter Limbo, but there he realises that its attractions are only superficial. Now that Wallis is approaching the end of his life, to salve his remorse he hires Jeff and Jeannie to locate Maurice Crabbe so that he can give him some of his savings to pay for his care.

Cast: Vic Reeves (Marty Hopkirk), Bob Mortimer (Jeff Randall), Emilia Fox (Jeannie Hurst), Tom Baker (Wyvern), Paul Whitehouse, Mark Benton, Grant Masters, Dudley Sutton, Susan Brown, Fritha Goodey, Patrick Ryecart, Toni Palmer, Ruth Harford

Writer: Charlie Higson / Director: Mark Mylod

Original Airdate: 15 Apr 2000 on BBC-1
Series: Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) Season 1 Episode 5