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Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased): Drop Dead (S1EP1 BBC-1 18 Mar 2000, David Tennant)



Drop Dead: In the week before private detective Marty Hopkirk’s wedding to waitress Jeannie Hurst, he and his partner, Jeff Randall, get a job from famous artist Gordon Stylus to watch over his wife, as he fears for her safety. In the course of the assignment, Marty is killed, and the grieving Jeff and Jeannie must investigate how he died, which then endangers their lives. Fortunately Jeff begins to get help from Marty’s ghost, which only he can see. Marty fails to get back to his grave in time and is cursed to walk the earth for the duration of Jeff Randall’s life, visible only to him…

Cast: Vic Reeves (Marty Hopkirk), Bob Mortimer (Jeff Randall), Emilia Fox (Jeannie Hurst), Tom Baker (Wyvern), Charles Dance, David Tennant, Hanna Miles, Mark Gatiss, Jessica Stevenson, Melissa Knatchbull, Steve Pemberton, Paul Shearer, Gemma Page, Martin Wimbush, Michael Knighton, Brian Williams, Joscelyn Best

Writer: Charlie Higson / Director: Mark Mylod.

Original Airdate: 18 Mar 2000 on BBC-1
Series: Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) Season 1 Episode 1