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Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased): Mental Apparition Disorder (S1EP2 BBC-1 25 Mar 2000, Hugh Laurie)



Mental Apparition Disorder: Jeannie joins the private detective agency, and investigates the repeated disappearance of money from the till of a local casino. Meanwhile, Jeff goes to a private psychiatric clinic run by Dr Lawyer, to try to get over Marty’s death and rid himself of the ghostly apparitions. Marty gets tutorials in being a ghost and doing impersonations from his mentor Wyvern. After Jeannie solves the case at the casino, the detective agency’s offices are broken into, and the trail leads Jeannie back to Jeff at the clinic.

Film legend Richard Todd pops up as a guest at the clinic.

Cast: Vic Reeves (Marty Hopkirk), Bob Mortimer (Jeff Randall), Emilia Fox (Jeannie Hurst), Tom Baker (Wyvern), Hugh Laurie, Steven Berkoff, Martin Clunes, Jessica Hynes [as Jessica Stevenson], Fiona Allen, Melissa Knatchbull, Tim Perrin, Sandy McDade, Wanda Ventham, Richard Todd, Kate Williams, Philip Bowen, Nathalia Armin, Rory McCann

Writer: Charlie Higson / Story: Ian Wilson and Mike Pratt (Mike Pratt, one of the stars of the original series died in the 1970’s, this was an unused story idea of his) / Director: Rachel Talalay

Original Airdate: 25 Mar 2000 on BBC-1
Series: Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) Season 1 Episode 2