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Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased): Paranoia (S1EP4 BBC-1 8 Apr 2000, Simon Pegg)



Paranoia: Douglas Milton is writing a book revealing matters relating to security and terrorism, that many authorities and organisations would rather be kept secret, which makes him a prime assassin’s target. Jeff and Jeannie get an assignment to protect him from harm until he makes the revelations public at a prestigious international conference.

Cast: Vic Reeves (Marty Hopkirk), Bob Mortimer (Jeff Randall), Emilia Fox (Jeannie Hurst), Tom Baker (Wyvern), Paul Rhys, Arabella Weir, Alexis Denisof, Simon Day, Tim Wallers, Simon Pegg, Nabil Saval, Angeline Ball, Joanna Kanska, Guy Pratt, Rhys Thomas, Tony Way, Freddie Stuart, Anthony Psaila, Fawaz Istwani, Daniel Wellen

Writers: Paul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson / Director: Rachel Talalay

Original Airdate: 8 Apr 2000 on BBC-1
Series: Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) Season 1 Episode 4