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Real Time Crime Hollywood Heist / Last Supper (Investigation Discovery Tuesday December 27, 2022)



Scorned: Fatal Fury

Today Tuesday December 27, 2022, there is a new episode of Real Time Crime.

Hollywood Heist / Last Supper

After committing a daring heist of a Pay-o-Matic in Queens, CCTV cameras in New York City assist in apprehending a trio of thieves. A temporary Real Time Crime Center in Colorado aids in the investigation of the 27-year-old Andrew Jenicek’s slaying outside of a restaurant.

Airdate: Tuesday December 27, 2022 at 22:00 on Investigation Discovery

Season 1 Episode 3

Police and communities have a new weapon in the fight against crime. Across America, Real Time Crime Centers use surveillance cameras, tracking systems, and gunshot detectors to solve crimes and bring criminals to justice. Every episode of this pulse-racing series features two high-octane stories with life and death stakes. Filmed across nine states, with exclusive access to nerve centers from New York to New Orleans, each story includes incredible CCTV footage along with interviews with the major protagonists – police solving the crimes, witnesses, and the families of the victims.

Featured image credit: Investigation Discovery