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Red Letter Day: Amazing Stories (S1EP4 ITV Sun 1 Feb 1976, Joe Melia, Rula Lenska)



In Amazing Stories scifi obsessed Stanley (the brilliant Joe Melia) pays a visit to a scifi convention where he gets to meet his Idol, author E.B. Fern, as well as the delectable Ms Fandom.

Definitely a curates egg of an episode, Stanley believes (or fantasises anyway) that aliens are targeting the area of Wimbledon that he lives in and are slowly turning his family into vegetables. He and his friend Eddie think E.B. will have the answer to all their questions. But Stan learns that the people around him have no idea either, Eddie is in his own little world and when he does finally meet E.B. Fern he realises that the writer has gone loopy and believes the scifi world he writes about is real.

In the weeks TV Times, there was a feature/interview with American born writer Howard Schuman with mention of his upcoming series Rock Follies (this is still the series he is best known for). He made the point that all the “glitter” of his play (and it was certainly full of glitter) is the bait for the point he was really trying to make. Which was that humankind needs to shake itself out of the apathy that it was surrounded by.

Rula Lenska as Ms Fandom not only looks incredible but also proves her acting chops too, she would of course be one of the main characters in Rock Follies.

Red Letter Day Amazing Stories ITV 1976 Rula Lenska John Normington Joe Melia

Stanley and Eddie meet Ms Fandom.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 1 February 1976 at 10.00pm

Series: Red Letter Day Episode 4 of 7

Writer: Howard Schuman / Production Design: Alan Price / Director: Peter Plummer

Joe Melia as Stanley
Harold Kasket as E.B. Fern
Rula Lenska as Ms Fandom
John Normington as Eddie
Ian McDiarmid as Blade
Maryann Turner as Lily
Herbert Ramskill as Mr Brite
Richard Willis as Winston