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Reign Supreme: French Drama Premieres (Friday November 18, 2022 Netflix)



Reign Supreme

Today Friday November 18, 2022 the show Reign Supreme premieres on Netflix.

The rise of DJ Dee Nasty, dancer Lady V, and the French rap group NTM during the 1980s helped to tell the story of the origins of french hip hop. All episodes from season one drop at once.

Cast: Melvin Promeneur (Didier Morville – Joey starr), Laïka Blanc-Francard (Vivi – Lady V), Anthony Bajon (Bruno Lopes – Kool Shen), Andranic Manet (Dj Dee Nasty), Joshua Raccah (Chino), Victor Bonnel (Franck Loyer – DJ S), Léo Chalié (Béatrice), Yannick Choirat (Joseph Lopes- Père de Kool Shen), Ismaël Sy Savané (Jean Morville), Elga Gnaly (Patou-Mère de lady V), Daouda Keita (Solo), Tobias Nuytten-Vialle (Rockin’ Squat),

Airdate: Friday November 18, 2022 at 8.00pm on Netflix.


Featured Image Credit: Netflix