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Reilly, Ace of Spies: An Affair with a Married Woman (S1EP1 ITV 5 Sep 1983, Leo McKern)



An Affair with a Married Woman: 1901: Professor Sydney Rosenblum is taken from a train and held under unofficial arrest in a provincial Russian village, suspected of stealing confidential oil surveys. The young wife of an elderly vicar may hold the secret to his escape.

Regular Cast: Sam Neill (Sidney Reilly), Leo McKern (Zaharov), Norman Rodway (Cummings), Peter Egan (Fothergill), Jeananne Crowley (Margaret), Tom Bell (Dzerzhinsky), Hugh Fraser (Hill), Kenneth Cranham (Lenin), Celia Gregory (Nadia), Ian Charleson (Lockhart), David Burke (Stalin)

Guest Cast: John Rhys Davies, Sebastian Shaw, Denis Holmes, John Hart Dyke, John Monckton, Howard Lew Lewis, Vic Tablian, Michele Copsey, Ben Feitelson, Barbara Ashcroft, Jonathan Steward, Dennis Chinnery, Vanda Godsell, John Ludlow, John Owens, Angelo Gibson, Malcolm Gerard

Writer: Troy Kennedy Martin / Director: Jim Goddard

Airdate: 5 Sep 1983 on ITV

Series: Reilly, Ace of Spies Season 1 Episode 1

Show Info: Period spy drama serial. During the days of the Russian revolution, Sidney Reilly, son of an aristocratic Odessa family, works for the British government trying to bring down the Bolshevik government.