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Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules: If the Horseshoe Fits (S1EP3 E! Wed 19 Jan 2022)



If the Horseshoe Fits: Romance is in the air on the ranch as the crew gets to know one another, but health problems begin to arise as well, which makes the cast second guess their involvement.

Airdate: Wed 19 Jan 2022 at 21:00 on E!

Season 1 Episode 3

Eight celebrity offspring venture from Hollywood and come together to live and work as ranch hands for four weeks in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, hoping to prove to themselves, their parents, and the world that they are more than their last names. They’ll take on a series of outrageous, messy and challenging jobs in an attempt to prove they’re more than just their famous last names, and, more importantly, try and reopen the ranch after a year of shutdown and loss due to the pandemic. Each episode throws the cast into fish-out-of-water situations and hilarious misadventures as they work to restore and reopen Saddleback Ranch to the public.