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Rick Stein’s Cornwall: Episode 10 (S1EP10 BBC Two Fri 15 Jan 2021)



Rick heads into the bowels of Cornwall, deep into the china clay pits to discover what is known locally as white gold, one of this county’s most important industries. He then climbs the Cornish Alps, huge slag heaps created by the clay mining and some of Cornwall’s highest land.

After a wild swim at one of Cornwall’s picturesque hidden coves, Rick cooks a simple sea bass recipe, telling us all how to make the perfect homemade mayonnaise. In the far west of the county, on the Land’s End peninsula, Rick introduces us to his niece, a modern artist who explains her deep spiritual connection to Cornwall.

Airdate: Fri 15 Jan 2021 at 6.30pm on BBC Two

Season 1 Episode 10