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Ridley Road Series Finale (S1EP4 ABC TV Sat 4 Dec 2021)



Vivien is trapped amongst the National Socialists. With time running out Vivien risks everything to make one last attempt to sabotage the fascists without being caught.

During the final episode of Ridley Road, Vivien wakes up in Colin Jordan’s bedroom to see a suitcase containing documents detailing his illegal private army. If she can get it out, she can send him down.

However, several NSM foot soldiers have become suspicious of Jack following Lee’s beating. When they ask questions he and Vivien narrowly avoid being exposed. In private, Jack tells Vivien that there is too much heat, and they need to run. Vivien refuses, she’s going back in to finish the job: with or without Jack.

Meanwhile, Liza arrives in London to track down Soly, furious at him for involving his daughter with a lethal neo-Nazi group. However, she discovers that Soly has been arrested because of Colin’s fake arson attack.

Inside the mansion, Vivien is cornered by Colin in a basement room, but escapes by throwing petrol in his eyes. Searching frantically, Vivien finds the suitcase but is locked in a bedroom by Colin’s son Paul. From the window she sees Jack captured and taken away at gunpoint outside.

Climbing through an attic door onto the roof, Vivien makes a daring escape as Colin’s men close in. She hitchhikes to the station and boards a train for London, but is trapped when Colin sits down next to her pretending to other passengers that he’s, her husband. Colin tells her Jack is dead and the rest of the 62 Group will soon follow.

Production credits: Produced by RED Production company.

Airdate: Saturday 4 December 2021 at 8.20pm on ABC TV.

Season 1 Episode 4