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Rik Mayall Presents: Dirty Old Town (S2EP2 ITV 5 Feb 1995, Helen McCrory)



Dirty Old Town: Raymond is a down and out who unwittingly finds success in the film world when a script lands in his lap – literally – and he is mistaken for the writer. Despite attempts to persuade the television executives that he is not Vic Leigh, the writer – they wine, dine and house him.

Cast: Rik Mayall (Raymond), Brian McCardie (Vic Leigh), Helen McCrory (Claire), Sean McGinley (Michael), Frances Barber (Sally Denton), Michael Kitchen (Jeremy Swain), Andy Bradford (Taxi Driver), Duncan Bell (Rik Power), Metin Yenal (Klaus), Tom Russell (Stefan), Marcell Marashcalchi (Italian Waiter), Togo Igawa (Japanese Waiter), Max Harvey (First Tramp), Lindsey Wilson (Girl In Alley), Matthew Byam-Shaw (Drunken Hooray), John Stratton (Second Tramp)

Writers: Paul Unwin, Stephen Ward / Director: Paul Unwin

Original Airdate: 5 Feb 1995 on ITV
Series: Rik Mayall Presents Season 2 Episode 2