Rip Off Britain: Episode 7 (BBC One Tuesday 23 May 2023)



Rip Off Britain

Rip Off Britain: Episode 7 airs Tuesday 23 May 2023 on BBC One

Scammers who have locked people out of their social media accounts in an attempt to obtain financial information are taken on by Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford, and Julia Somerville. David McClelland, a technology expert, explains how scammers can gain access to your social media accounts and how you can prevent this.

How about a prank call? One of the most prominent landline and mobile providers explains its plans to combat the threat.

The consumer counselling service is also open and ready to answer your questions.

Season 15 Episode 7

The Rip Off Britain team is ready to tackle the issues that most matter to you – from bills and bad customer service, to holidays and food.

What time is Rip Off Britain: Episode 7 on tonight

Rip Off Britain: Episode 7 airs Tuesday 23 May 2023 at 09:15 on BBC One

Featured image credit: BBC One

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