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River City Mon 27 Sep 2021 on BBC Scotland



This week in Shieldinch… guilt weighs heavy on Scarlett as Stevie grieves for the father he never knew; Jessie attempts to be peacemaker between Alex and Karen; and while Ellie nurses a broken heart, Darren has Nicole firmly in his romantic sights.

Stevie puts on a wake to honour his father and tries to get Scarlett to relive some memories of what he was like. She reluctantly reveals they met at a music festival where he was a bass player in his brother’s New Romantic band. Sensing her sister’s discomfort, Bernie questions Scarlett who admits that Stevie’s dad, Sam, isn’t dead after all – she doesn’t know where he is and wants to keep it that way.

Despite Scarlett’s pleas – that she’s lying to protect Stevie – Bernie is furious and decides to tell the truth to a shocked Stevie.

Desperate to find his father, Stevie enlists the help of Sonny, but it’s not going to be easy as Scarlett has scant details about Sam to share.
Elsewhere, Jessie’s frustrated by Alex and Karen’s constant squabbling, little realising today should have been their 20th wedding anniversary.

Jessie turns to Lenny for guidance; he in turn urges Amber to intervene and restore family harmony.

However, as Jessie is stung by some shocking home truths, Alex and Karen’s antagonism turns to attraction and they give in to temptation.
Nicole agrees to an interview with Darren at The Two Jailbirds. His flirtatious approach only serves to annoy Nicole, who refuses to fall for his charm. She’s had enough of shallow relationships.

Also this week, Ellie misreads the signs with AJ, and is hurt when he rejects her once again.

Scarlett is played by Sally Howitt, Stevie by Iain Robertson, Jessie by Kirsty Pickering, Alex by Jordan young, Karen by Claire Dargo, Ellie by Leah MacRae, Darren by Sammy Hayman, Nicole by Holly Jack, Bernie by Barbara Rafferty, Sonny by Jimmy Chisholm, Lenny by Frank Gallagher and Amber by Jenny Hulse.

River City is a BBC Studios, Scotland production for BBC Scotland and BBC One Scotland.

Airdate: Monday 27 September 2021 at 10.00pm on BBC Scotland.