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River City Mon 3 Jan 2022 on BBC Scotland



This week in Shieldinch… Caitlin’s concern grows as Ellie’s IVF takes its toll; Kim worries for her safety following shocking news; and as Karen and Alex reach a turning point in their relationship, Bernie and Mulvaney’s past proves problematic.

As Ellie anxiously awaits her latest IVF meeting Caitlin tries to keep the mood light – but only succeeds in bringing her sister’s hopes down to earth. At the doctor’s surgery Ellie is faced with bad news, and the harsh reality she needs to consider other options.

Caitlin tries to be supportive, but unwilling to face the biological facts, Ellie is determined to find a way to become a mum. A despairing Caitlin fills Roisin in on Ellie’s plan to go to abroad for future IVF treatments, and the pair try to manage her expectations.

Elsewhere, Kim is on edge, fearing her violent ex will come looking for her after his release from prison. Bob tries to keep her focused on the joy of her pregnancy, but an increasingly anxious Kim locks herself away from the world. Feeling cornered, Kim makes a far-reaching decision for the family and her unborn baby.

As their secret relationship becomes more serious Alex thinks the time has come to let Jessie know, but Karen isn’t so keen. However, before the couple make their decision Jessie works out what’s going on – and much to Alex’s surprise she is supportive. Karen remains cautious, knowing all too well that her secret connection to the Foulkes family would devastate future happiness.

Bernie and Mulvaney’s past looms large over them. Haunted by what could have been, the pair struggle to be around each other.

Caitlin is played by Gayle Telfer Stevens, Ellie by Leah MacRae, Kim by Frances Thorburn, Karen by Claire Dargo, Alex by Jordan Young, Bernie by Barbara Rafferty, Mulvaney by Laurie Ventry, Roisin by Joyce Falconer, Bob by Stephen Purdon and Jessie by Kirsty Pickering.

River City is a BBC Studios, Scotland production for BBC Scotland and BBC One Scotland.

Airdate: Monday 3 January 2022 at 10.00pm on BBC Scotland.