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River City

River City: This Week airs Monday 15 May 2023 on BBC Scotland.

In Shieldinch this week, they…Lydia, still reeling from Andrew’s attack, has a hard time figuring out how to approach him; Alex is concerned that his affair with Nicole will ruin his chances with Karen; and Angus must confront the demons of his family’s past after receiving some devastating news.

Lydia, exhausted from dealing with the fallout of her assault, begs Lenny not to take matters into his own hands, insisting that they must handle this the right way. Instead, Lydia decides to get help from a doctor and ends up telling Dr. Gillian that Andrew raped her. Gillian advises Lydia on medical matters and encourages her, as a friend, to report the rape to the authorities.

After hearing Gillian’s words, Lydia goes to the Tall Ship for a drink and ends up telling her coworker’s assault on her “friend” Maggie what really happened. Lydia is given confidence by Maggie’s explanation of the situation.

Lydia is shocked, however, when Andrew confronts her about the assault in the pub and tries to make it sound like a misunderstanding.

Alex is overjoyed when Karen tells him at the Oyster Café that she has been thinking about him. Nicole, who takes great pleasure in making Alex awkward, interrupts the reconciling couple at just the wrong time. Alex is wary of Nicole’s suggestion of a truce with Karen, worried that he will give in to temptation and ruin the future for his family.

Rebecca is shocked to learn that Angus has been keeping the news of a family death from her. Reluctantly, Angus explains that the family history on his mother’s side is too tangled for him to attend Granny Pat’s funeral. Rebecca cautions him, though, to not let regrets from the past prevent him from saying goodbye to his grandmother.

Lydia is played by Jacqueline Leonard, Andrew by Greg Powrie, Alex by Jordan Young, Nicole by Holly Jack, Karen by Claire Dargo, Angus by Jamie Marie Leary, Lenny by Frank Gallagher, Dr Gillian by Gail Watson and Maggie by Kathryn Howden.

River City is a BBC Studios, Scotland production for BBC Scotland and BBC One Scotland.

River City: This Week airs Monday 15 May 2023 at 10.00pm on BBC Scotland

Featured Image Credit: BBC Scotland

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