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Road Wars Full Throttle Semi Disaster (A&E Wednesday December 7)



Road Wars

Today Wednesday December 7, the show Road Wars airs a new episode called Full Throttle Semi Disaster.

After confronting an alleged thief outside a bar in Oregon, a woman is almost struck by a moving vehicle. On their way to a Father’s Day picnic, a Colorado family is stopped by a confrontational motorcycle gang. In the middle of a California parking lot, a man freaks out, allegedly over a parking ticket, and strips off. An attempt to pass a truck results in a man’s car being totaled in upstate New York. In California, a rider loses control of his motorcycle and slides under a moving semi.


Wednesday December 7 at 22:00 on A&E

Season 1 Episode 13

Roadways can be a wild place. With violent road rage incidents increasing 500% over the last decade, "road raging" is a human behavior that has become widely known. Road Wars takes a deep dive into American roadways, examining extreme human behavior, wild weather, insane accidents and a few welcome instances of acts of kindness.


Featured image credit: A&E