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Rosemary & Thyme: Arabica and the Early Spider (S1EP2 ITV 5 Sep 2003, Abigail Cruttenden)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Arabica and the Early Spider: The newly formed gardening duo ‘Rosemary and Thyme’ are called to help pop star Nev Connolly design and create the gardens for he and his wife Patsy’s new house. Whilst working on the grounds, all are shocked when a digger uncovers the skeleton of a horse, which Patsy suspects could be Arabica, a horse stolen from the stables where she once worked. That night, Rosemary is woken by the sound of a gunshot and hurries outside to find out where it came from. Joined by Laura, they discover that Nev has been shot dead. Returning to work the next day, Rosemary is intrigued by a cut in the ground. Digging around it, she uncovers the skeleton of a human hand…

Regular Cast: Felicity Kendal (Rosemary Boxer), Pam Ferris (Laura Thyme)

Guest Cast: Abigail Cruttenden, Tilly Blackwood, Joe Tucker, Murray Head, Niall Refoy, Sara Stephens, Eamon Boland, Zena Walker, Philip Martin Brown, David Bauckham, Kell Ward, Glen Davies, Dean Abrahams

Writer: Clive Exton / Director: Tom Clegg

Airdate: 5 Sep 2003 on ITV

Series: Rosemary & Thyme Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: Crime drama series. Horticultural pathologist Rosemary Boxer teams up with ex-policewoman Laura Thyme to help solve crimes that have connections with plants and gardening.