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Rosewood: Bloodhunt and Beats (FOX 18 Nov 2015 with Kurt Fuller)



AIRDATE: Wednesday 18 November 2015 at 8.00pm on FOX

Season 1 Episode 8

Rosewood and Villa are thrust into the underbelly of the everglades when they team up with Hornstock’s ex-partner-turned-bounty hunter, Floyd Butters, to catch a murderer.

Meanwhile, Pippy is given the opportunity of a lifetime to launch her music career, and Villa tries to reconnect with her mom.

Regular Cast: Morris Chestnut as Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr.; Jaina Lee Ortiz as Det. Annalise Villa; Lorraine Toussaint as Donna Rosewood; Gabrielle Dennis as Pippy Rosewood; Anna Konkle as Tara Milly Izikoff; Domenick Lombardozzi as Capt. Ira Hornstock

Guest Cast: Kurt Fuller as Floyd Butters; Cole Bernstein as Beatrice; Lauren Bowles as Loretta Franks; Rey Gallegos as Marlan Guzman; Lisa Vidal as Daisie Villa; Sarah Domin as Employee; Evan Allan Gessesse as Joe; Ping Wu as Motel Manager; Karl Makinen as Tex Bridgewater



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