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Royal Institution Christmas Lectures: The Perfect Storm (S2021EP2 BBC Four Wed 29 Dec 2021)



Professor Jonathan Van-Tam uncovers what drives a virus to world domination and reveals how maths may be the secret weapon to thwart it. Joined by airborne infection expert Professor Catherine Noakes and mathematician Professor Julia Gog, the team face the disgusting fallout of a super-sneeze, reveal the shocking invisible forces inside our masks and unravel the mathematical models of contagion with a gigantic game of lucky dip.

In this lecture, no science is off the table. From microbiology to engineering, the Covid-19 pandemic has pooled the talent of scientists in every discipline to work together in ways never seen before. Can the audience be the scientific heroes of the hour and crack the riddle at the end of the show?

Airdate: Wed 29 Dec 2021 at 20:00 on BBC Four

Season 2021 Episode 2

Each year a renowned name in the world of education leads a series of televised lectures all around one topic.