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Run: Episode 3 (S1EP3 Channel 4 17 Jul 2013, Lennie James)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Episode 3: Ex-heroin addict Richard is determined to stay clean but after being hauled in for police questioning thanks to a crooked friend he misses his contact visit with daughter Sabrina and learns from his ex-wife Yvonne that she and Sabrina are moving to Bristol. She announces that she is planning to deny access. He asks his mother Pam to intervene but she is not keen to get involved. He finds an unlocked and abandoned car belonging to Polish cleaning lady Kasia and persuades a mechanic friend, Zak, to buy it but finds that it has been towed away by the police and returned to Kasia so he breaks into another car and sells a computer to Zak. Eventually he gets to talk to Sabrina through a door, giving her the money, and she gives him hope that he will see her again.

Cast: Katie Leung (Ying), Katharina Schüttler (Kasia), Olivia Colman (Carol), Lennie James (Richard), Chris Jarman (DC Burgess), Simona Brown (Teenage Girl), Sarah Hoare (Tracey), Jaime Winstone (Tara), Benedict Wong (Gao), Orion Lee (Andy)

Original Airdate: 17 Jul 2013 on Channel 4
Series: Run Season 1 Episode 3