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Sally Ann Decisions Sally Ann Decisions


Sally Ann: Decisions (ITV 2 Dec 1979, with Albert Welling)



In Decisions Lt Mary Barker is helping out elderly Mrs Higgins, her grandson Tony is keen to get to know Mary better. He shows an interest in learning more about the Sally Ann in a bid to impress her but finds that the work they do is more serious than he realised.

We also learn a little more about Mary Barker’s background, she used to an air-hostess but hit a bad patch when her husband died after they only ben married six months. The Salvation Army gave her a new meaning in life.

Meanwhile Hannah is still undecided about whether her future lies with the Salvation Army or University. The fact that she is interested in a schoolfriend is not making the decision any easier.

Sally Ann

production details
UK / ITV – Southern / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 2 December 1979 at 6.00pm

Writer: Phil Redmond / Production Design: Greg Lawson / Director: Matthew Robinson

Series: Sally Ann Episode 6 of 8

Frank Mills as Major Gibbs
Stephanie Cole as Mr Major Gibbs
Gerald James as Major Cartwright
Carol Leader a Lt Mary Barker
Sam Kydd as Pike
Julia Chambers as Hannah
Philip da Costa as Bramwell
Albert Welling as Tony
Myrtle Devonish as Mrs Higgins
John Moore as Ernie



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