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Sally Ann: I’m Entitled (ITV 25 Nov 1979, with Anne Kristen)



In I’m Entitled, which is a continuation of the previous episode Where’s My Trouble and Strife, Harry Dooley is trying to make inroads into joining the Salvation Army in a bid to find out where his wife is (she has left him and started a new life, Major Gibbs and his wife tracked her down but she made it plain she didn’t want Harry to find out where she is).

Harry breaks into Major Gibbs’ office to get his hands on the report that the Major made about the investigation into the whereabouts of his wife. However when he pays a visit to her bedsit she makes it plain she will have nothing to do with him.

Sally Ann I'm Entitled

Mary Barker tries to persuade James Pope to get professional help.

Despite being given one last chance by Major Cartwright, James Pope is unable to stay sober and is asked to leave. Cartwright arranges a place for Pope at a drying out clinic but he refuses to go, instead taking to the road.

It would be interesting to know whether the series was planned to fit an hour long slot at some stage as beside the first episode, the other stories so far have been two parters. This and Where’s My Trouble and Strife have been the best of the series so far, thanks in no small part to the script by the always reliable Tony Hoare.

Sally Ann I'm Entitled

Harry’s wife wants nothing more to do with him.

production details
UK / ITV – Southern / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 18 November 1979 at 6.00pm

Writer: Tony Hoare / Production Design: Greg Lawson / Director: Matthew Richardson

Series: Sally Ann Episode 5 (of 8)

Frank Mills as Major Gibbs
Gerald James as Major Cartwright
Stephanie Cole as Mrs Major Gibbs
Carol Leader as Lieutenant Mark Barker
Philip da Costa as Bramwell
Julia Chambers as Hannah
Jim Norton as Harry
Frederick Treves as James Pope
Bernard Latham as Albert
Lesley Daine as Marj
Anne Kristen as Dora
Jane Hayden as Linda
Jona Jones as Micky