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Sally Ann: A Sailor’s Farewell (ITV 11 Nov 1979, with Frederick Treves)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

A Sailor’s Farewell is a continuation of the previous episode A Sailor’s Return. Old sailor Banjo has made some strong allegations against Major Cartwright, including the fact that he is the real father of his son Johnny. The pair had been at sea together and best friends for many years, both had succumbed to alcoholism but Cartwright had been able to turn his life around with the Salvation Army.

It’s clear Banjo is more than likely telling the truth about his sons parentage, but Cartwright knows that Banjo needs Johnny. Major Cartwright also finds time to help troubled James Pope, a former accountant who now lives rough after serving a prison sentence for embezzlement.

Sally Ann A Sailor's Farewell

production details
UK / ITV – Southern / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 11 November 1979 at 6.00pm

Writer: Anne Valery / Production Design: Greg Lawson / Director: Tristan de Vere Cole

Series: Sally Ann Episode 3 (of 8)

Gerald James as Major Cartwright
Stephanie Cole as Mrs Major Gibbs
Carol Leader as Lieutenant Mark Barker
Philip da Costa as Bramwell
Patrick Troughton as Banjo
Dave Parke as Johnny
Frederick Treves as James Pope
Joe Melia as Bernie
Tony Sympson as Screwy
Kevin Hart as Simon