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Sally Ann: Where’s My Trouble and Strife (ITV 18 Nov 1979, with Jim Norton)



Sally Ann Where's My Trouble and Strife

Where’s My Trouble and Strife is an episode that focuses on the work that the Salvation Army does with tracking down missing persons. Harry Gibbs’ wife Dora has been missing for six weeks and thinks the Sally Ann may be able to help. Harry’s brother in law wants to know why Harry keeps talking about his wife in the past tense and thinks he may have “done her in” however Harry’s daughter Linda knows exactly where her mother is. Dora has moved across town and is trying to make a new life for herself.

Sally Ann Where's My Trouble and Strife

Meanwhile over at the hostel James Pope is still making a nuisance of himself thanks to his alcoholism. Major Cartright wants to see him moved on but Mary persuades him to give Pope one more chance.

Sam Kydd gets a bit more of a role this week, so far he has spent most of his time at the counter of the hostel – he is not too pleased when Gibb’s recognises him from his days in prison.

Sally Ann Where's My Trouble and Strife

production details
UK / ITV – Southern / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 18 November 1979 at 6.00pm

Writer: Tony Hoare / Production Design: Greg Lawson / Director: Matthew Richardson

Series: Sally Ann Episode 4 (of 8)

Frank Mills as Major Gibbs
Gerald James as Major Cartwright
Stephanie Cole as Mrs Major Gibbs
Carol Leader as Lieutenant Mark Barker
Philip da Costa as Bramwell
Julia Chambers as Hannah
Jim Norton as Harry
Frederick Treves as James Pope
Bernard Latham as Albert
Lesley Daine as Marj
Anne Kristen as Dora
Jane Hayden as Linda
Jona Jones as Micky