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Saving Poundstretcher Series Finale 20 Aug on Channel 4Saving Poundstretcher Series Finale 20 Aug on Channel 4


Saving Poundstretcher Series Finale 20 Aug on Channel 4



As the crisis on Britain’s high streets grows, big brands are going bust or axing stores and thousands of jobs. Poundstretcher, one of Britain’s oldest discount stores, is caught up in the maelstrom. The stakes couldn’t be higher for the family-owned chain, with 6000 jobs, the family’s fortune tied up in the business and the public relying on it; for many, on a budget, it’s a lifeline.

In need of expert help, Aziz Tayub and his three sons bring in retail guru Chris Edwards as a new CEO. His brief: to save the company.

In this final episode, can Chris stay the course and save the brand? Tensions reach boiling point as deep differences between Chris and Aziz come to a head. The ‘crazy ladies’ of Pontypridd in south Wales are some of the Tayub family’s most loyal and fun-loving staff. They say they’ll do almost anything to attract the punters, from blowing up balloons to wearing bikinis. But one thing they’re not crazy about is the inconsistent delivery of stock to their store. They want to control what gets delivered to their store.

Three months into his job as CEO, Chris agrees that it’s the biggest problem that the company faces. It sets him on a collision course with owner Aziz and his buy-it-cheap-and-pile-it-high philosophy. Aziz’s chief bulk-buy dealmaker, Ram Mohan, is proud of the dozens of truckloads of short-dated stock they acquire at knock-down prices, which gets priority delivery to stores, often ahead of the bread-and-butter items.

Ram visits Turkey to bulk-buy taste-a-like cut-price confectionery: a chocolate finger alternative to Cadbury’s famous fingers. Back at HQ, tension is growing, and Chris gives the job of deciding what gets delivered to stores to a different staff member. How will Aziz react to this audacious coup?

Series Dir: James Dawson
Series Prod: Anouk Curry
Exec Prods: Kerry Brierley, Elaine Hackett
Prod Co: Crackit Productions

Airdate: Monday 20 August 2018 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on Channel 4.

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