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Scot Squad Season 5 Episode 3 airs Thurs 18 Apr on BBC Scotland



Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson’s latest rehabilitation venture sees him join forces with Sir Tom Hunter; sparks fly when PC Jack McLaren and his partner PC Sarah Fletcher offer a helping hand at the scene of a fire, and Acting Sergeant Ken Beattie gets a shock as he solves a murderous cold case.

As part of a drive to rehabilitate ex-cons, The Chief enlists the help of Scots entrepreneur Sir Tom Hunter to offer business support and guidance. However, the Chewing Gum Poster business model gives The Chief a nasty aftertaste and puts him in a sticky situation.

PC Jack meets his match in the shape of fighting-fit Fire Chief Jacqueline McLaren. His help turns into a hindrance when he rushes in to save the day and show off, only to be rescued by Jacqueline – much to Sarah’s delight.

Meanwhile, confessions from the afterlife spook, Acting Sergeant Ken Beattie, into solving a cold case from the past; while PC Hugh McKirdy and PC Surjit Singh have their heads turned by a magician at the roadside who tries to pull a disappearing act.

Fly on the wall comedy from the Caledonian coppers of the Scottish Police Force, starring Jack Docherty as Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson, Sir Tom Hunter as himself, Jordan Young as PC Jack McLaren, Sally Reid as PC Sarah Fletcher, James Allenby-Kirk as Acting Sergeant Ken Beattie and Patricia Panther as Fire Chief Jacqueline McLaren. Scot Squad is a Comedy Unit production for BBC Scotland.

Pictured: PC Hugh Mc Kirdy (Grado), PC Surjit Singh (Manjot Sumal)

Airdate: Thursday 18 April 2019 from 10.00pm-10.30pm on BBC SCOTLAND

Season 5 Episode 3



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