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SEAL Team: Nightmare of My Choice (S4EP15 CBS Wed 19 May 2021)



Nightmare of My Choice: Bravo joins forces with Alpha team to protect a crucial Nigerian pipeline that is under attack by Boko Haram. But when a team member is injured and Jason and Clay fight to save his life, Bravo discovers that an even more dangerous enemy is attacking them.

David Boreanaz (Jason Hayes)
Max Thieriot (Clay Spenser)
Neil Brown Jr. (Ray Perry)
AJ Buckley (Sonny Quinn)
Toni Trucks (Lisa Davis)

Justin Melnick (Brock Reynolds)
Tyler Grey (Trent Sawyer)
Scott Foxx (Full Metal)
Alona Tal (Stella Baxter)
Mike Wade (Lt. Wes Soto)

Philip Shahbaz (Yassine “Raqqa Jacques” Kassen)
Shiva Negar (Mina Hassan)
Jason Dohring (Lt. CMDR Alex Whitshaw)
David Bianchi (Alpha OIC)
Rob Parks (Alpha 1)
Andy Taylor Kim (IT2)
Miracle Laurie (Bravo Helo Pilot)

WRITTEN BY: Spencer Hudnut & Mark H. Semos
DIRECTED BY: David Boreanaz

Airdate: Wed 19 May 2021 at 21:00 on CBS

Season 4 Episode 15

Failure is not an option for the Navy SEALs—the world's most elite, special ops forces. In this action-packed new drama, these stealth and fearless warriors conduct high-risk clandestine missions against impossible odds. And when they return to the home front they face stress of a different nature. Keeping secrets, deploying at a moment's notice, and the knowledge that each assignment could be their last takes a toll on them and their families. But their unbreakable oath and patriotism compel them to persevere.