Seal Team: The Spinning Wheel (CBS 8 Nov 2017, with Alexandra LeMosle)

Seal Team

The Spinning Wheel: The SEAL Team must work with Jason’s longtime rival, Beau Fuller (Sharif Atkins), and his team to plan and perfect a raid under the watchful eye of top military brass. Also, Clay delivers solemn news to a teammate’s next of kin.

David Boreanaz (Jason Hayes)
Max Thieriot (Clay Spenser)
Neil Brown Jr. (Ray Perry)
AJ Buckley (Sonny Quinn)
Toni Trucks (Lisa Davis)
Jessica Paré (Mandy Ellis)

Tyler Grey (Trent)
Michael Irby (Adam)
Judd Lormand (Blackburn)
Jay Hayden (Brian)

Alexandra LeMosle (Leila)
Gonzalo Menendez (Capt. Garcia)
Ivar Brogger (Gen. Tisdale)
Debbie Fan (Undersecretary Joan Burgess)
Roman Mitichyan (SUV Driver)
Faruk Amireh (SUV Passenger)
Sharif Atkins (Beau Fuller)
Branton Box (Evans)
Chris L. McKenna (Pete Green)
Max Lawrence (Asst. Manager)
Debra Christofferson (Denise)
Mary-Pat Green (Edna)
Rif Hutton (Emory)
Abraham Justice (Shephard)

WRITTEN BY: Joseph Sawyer & Julian Silver & Reiss Clausen-Wolf & Beth Schacter
DIRECTED BY: Melanie Mayron

Series: Seal Team Season 1 Episode 6
Air Date: Wednesday, November 08, 2017
Time Slot: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM EST on CBS

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