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Search: One of Our Probes Is Missing (S1EP2 NBC 20 Sep 1972, Stefanie Powers)



One of Our Probes Is Missing: Tony Franciosa’s first episode. Omega Probe Agent Nick Bianco travels to England to find a missing Probe agent who was investigating perfect counterfeit $100 bills.

Regular Cast: Anthony Franciosa (Nick Bianco), Burgess Meredith (V.C.R. Cameron), Doug McClure (C.R. Grover), Hugh O’Brian (Hugh Lockwood), Angel Tompkins (Gloria Harding), Byron Chung (Kuroda)

Guest Cast: Stefanie Powers (Jill Davenport), Larry Linville (Treasury Agent Hugh Emery), Ford Rainey (Dr. Barnett), Allen Garfield (Marty Zackarian), Milton Selzer (Lucas D. Kaplos), Jacqueline Hyde (Lena M.Kaplos), Henry Capps (Bartender), Lou Peralta (Voit), Ian Abercrombie (Florist), Tony De Costa (Ramos, Probe Control), Byron Chung (Kuroda, Probe Control), Ginny Golden (Keach, Probe Control), Albert Popwell (Arnold Griffin, Probe Control), Amy Farrell (Murdock, Probe Control), David Gilliam (Arthur Burrell, Probe Agent)

Writer: Leslie Stevens / Director: Philip Leacock

Airdate: 20 Sep 1972 on NBC

Series: Search Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: Action adventures series. Stories of a group of ‘bodyguards’ working for World Securities protecting the wealthy and influential. Based on a pilot called Probe. The stars rotated the leads and appeared only every third week. The series aired on NBC from September 1972 through to August 1973. It ran for 23 episodes.