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Search: The Twenty-Four Carat Hit (S1EP14 NBC 24 Jan 1973, Dane Clark)



The Twenty-Four Carat Hit: First episode with the new set and slightly revised format. Bianco tries to help a fellow Probe agent, who is injured and is out on his own to find the people who killed his wife and kidnapped his daughter.

Regular Cast: Anthony Franciosa (Nick Bianco), Burgess Meredith (V.C.R. Cameron), Doug McClure (C.R. Grover), Hugh O’Brian (Hugh Lockwood), Angel Tompkins (Gloria Harding), Byron Chung (Kuroda)

Guest Cast: Dane Clark (Ed Bain, Probe Agent), Wally Cox (Brother Sam), William Smith (Pete Roman), Michael Conrad (First Mate Sam Donner), George Murdock (Pearson), Lenny Montana (Danny Ellis), Nehemiah Persoff (Emmett Brugman), Annette O’Toole (Jenny Bain), Read Morgan (Crewman), Lane Bradford (Bartender), Rhoda Williams (Linda), Dick Crockett (Guard), Walt Davis (Staber), Carl B. Morrison (Drunk), Frank Arno (Man in Mission), Tom Hallick (Harris, Probe Control), Pamela Jones (Miss James, Probe Control), Anitra Ford (Miss Lewis, Probe Control)

Writer: Jack Turley / Director: Russ Mayberry

Airdate: 24 Jan 1973 on NBC

Series: Search Season 1 Episode 14

Show Info: Action adventures series. Stories of a group of ‘bodyguards’ working for World Securities protecting the wealthy and influential. Based on a pilot called Probe. The stars rotated the leads and appeared only every third week. The series aired on NBC from September 1972 through to August 1973. It ran for 23 episodes.