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SEC Nation: Week 13 (Saturday November 26, 2022 SEC Network)



SEC Nation

Today Saturday November 26, 2022 the show SEC Nation airs an episode called Week 13 on SEC Network.

Week 13

Live from an SEC campus, Laura Rutledge, Tim Tebow, Roman Harper, Jordan Rodgers, and Paul Finebaum prepare viewers for the day’s games.

Airdate and Episode Count

Saturday November 26, 2022 at 10:00 on SEC Network

Season 9 Episode 13

Show Info

"College GameDay" has been a popular college football pregame show on ESPN since 1987 and has been taking the show to college campuses across the country since 1993. Now the same concept is being used on SEC Nation a flagship show on ESPN-owned SEC Network. Rather than discussing games from all conferences, the show features games involving teams of the titular conference and originates at a location in SEC country. “SEC Nation” is hosted by Joe Tessitore, who is joined by radio host Paul Finebaum, former players Greg McElroy and Marcus Spears, and reporter Kaylee Hartung to preview the day’s games.

Featured image credit: SEC Network