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Secret Army: Bait (S1EP13 BBC 7 Dec 1977, Henrietta Baynes)



Picture of Secret Army Bait.

Bait: The citizens of Brussels are ordered to celebrate the Fuhrer’s impending birthday, and Albert and the others are suspected of being collaborators when they must hang a Nazi flag outside the Candide. Meanwhile, a man claiming to be an RAF evader approaches Catherine Bidout, an elderly English woman who has not yet been interned by the Germans. Rumours of a British woman in Brussels hiding an evader reaches the Candide and Albert decides to investigate. Madame Bidout is uneasy about the risks she is taking and contacts an old friend – Brandt – for help. However, the evader is a plant placed by Kessler to entrap Lifeline and now Brandt is also in danger.

Cast: Bernard Hepton (Albert Foiret), Angela Richards (Monique), Clifford Rose (Ludwig Kessler), Jan Francis (‘Yvette’ aka Lisa Colbert), Christopher Neame (John Curtis), Michael Culver (Brandt), Eileen Page (Andrée), Robin Langford (Rennert), Kathleen Byron, Barbara Cochran, Malcolm Bullivant, Sylvia Langova, Henrietta Baynes, Lucy Griffiths, Al Lampert

Writer: James Andrew Hall / Director: Viktors Ritelis

Original Airdate: 7 Dec 1977 on BBC
Series: Secret Army Season 1 Episode 13