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Secret Army: Invasions (S3EP2 BBC 29 Sep 1979, Terrence Hardiman)



Invasions: Lifeline’s original function is now over – the Allied advance has severed the evasion lines and it is now a matter of keeping evaders safely hidden until the war is over. Despite Kessler’s irritation at Reinhardt’s manner and methods, his efforts pay dividends when he discovers a Lifeline safehouse. Two of his new prisoners commit suicide rather than talk, but Reinhardt is determined that the third prisoner will give information under torture. Albert and Monique receive a tip-off that the middle-aged Chantal sisters, who are based in Senlis and often shelter airmen for Lifeline, are in imminent danger.

Cast: Bernard Hepton (Albert Foiret), Angela Richards (Monique), Clifford Rose (Ludwig Kessler), Hazel McBride (Madelaine Duclos), Juliet Hammond-Hill (Natalie), Terrence Hardiman (Reinhardt), Hilary Minster (Mueller), Arthur White, Helen Blatch, Ray Roberts, Stephen Novak, Mary Barclay, Ruth Gower, Judy Wilson, Bart Vanhecke, Jeremy Anthony

Writer: N. J. Crisp / Director: Roger Cheveley

Original Airdate: 29 Sep 1979 on BBC
Series: Secret Army Season 3 Episode 2