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Secret Army: Invasions (S3EP2 Wed 4 May 2022)



Invasions: The original purpose of Lifeline has now been fulfilled – the Allied advance has severed the evasion lines, and it is now a matter of keeping evaders safely hidden until the war is over. Despite his displeasure with Reinhardt’s demeanour and methods, Kessler’s efforts pay off when he discovers a Lifeline safehouse.

Two of Reinhardt’s new prisoners commit suicide rather than talk, but Reinhardt is determined that the third prisoner will confess under torture. Albert and Monique receive word that the middle-aged Chantal sisters, who live in Senlis and frequently house airmen for Lifeline, are in danger.

Airdate: Wednesday 4 May 2022 at 2.00pm on Talking Pictures TV.

Season 3 Episode 2