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Secret Army: Prisoner (S3EP6 BBC 27 Oct 1979, Prentis Hancock)



Prisoner: Major Nick Bradley returns to Brussels to co-ordinate resistance activities whilst waiting for the Allies’ final push, and clashes with Monique over leadership of Lifeline. A tense time is in store for Lifeline when Alain is arrested, and Bradley decides to make a deal with a German officer to try to get him out of Gestapo headquarters. However, the officer demands one million francs in exchange for Alain’s freedom.

Cast: Bernard Hepton (Albert Foiret), Angela Richards (Monique), Clifford Rose (Ludwig Kessler), Terrence Hardiman (Reinhardt), Valentine Dyall (Doctor Keldermans), Juliet Hammond-Hill (Natalie), Paul Shelley (Bradley), Eric Deacon, Prentis Hancock, Denis Holmes, Michael Wynne, Paul Antrim, Bunny Reed, Rik Bravenboer

Writer: Robert Barr / Director: Tristan de Vere Cole

Original Airdate: 27 Oct 1979 on BBC
Series: Secret Army Season 3 Episode 6