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Secret Army: Suspicions (S1EP15 BBC 21 Dec 1977, ROn Pember)



Picture of Secret Army Suspicions.

Suspicions: Following up a lead in their continuing investigations to crack the evasion lines, Kessler and Brandt examine the details of a recent murder case in France with Curtis, in his cover as a travelling salesman, as their prime suspect. Believing Curtis to be part of the resistance, Brandt and Kessler visit the Candide and take him away for questioning. With their efforts to help evaders becoming more and more dangerous and difficult, Albert and Lisa fear the worst, as the Germans strike right at the heart of Lifeline.

Cast: Bernard Hepton (Albert Foiret), Angela Richards (Monique), Clifford Rose (Ludwig Kessler), Jan Francis (‘Yvette’ aka Lisa Colbert), Christopher Neame (John Curtis), Michael Culver (Brandt), Maria Charles (Louise), Eileen Page (Andrée), Timothy Morand (Jacques), Juliet Hammond-Hill (Natalie), Ron Pember (Alain), Albert Welling, John Scott Martin

Writer: N. J. Crisp / Director: Kenneth Ives

Original Airdate: 21 Dec 1977 on BBC
Series: Secret Army Season 1 Episode 15