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Secret Army: The Last Run (S3EP1 BBC 22 Sep 1979, Ralph Bates)



The Last Run: At Gestapo headquarters, Kessler takes an instant dislike to the newly arrived Luftwaffe Major Hans Dietrich Reinhardt, who has joined him in a final concerted attempt to crush the evasion lines. As the Allies continue to advance from the invasion beaches, Lifeline must continue their efforts in getting airmen back to Britain, but when Natalie attempts to guide two evaders down to Spain, it becomes clear that their work may at last be over.

Cast: Bernard Hepton (Albert Foiret), Angela Richards (Monique), Clifford Rose (Ludwig Kessler), Hazel McBride (Madelaine Duclos), Juliet Hammond-Hill (Natalie), Terrence Hardiman (Reinhardt), Ralph Bates (Paul Vercors), Valentine Dyall (Doctor Keldermans), Neil Daglish (Wullner), Richard Beale (Inspector Benet), Christopher Good, Peter Dahlsen, Stewart Bevan, Anthony Gardner, Claude Le Saché, Alec Wallis, Norman Atkyns, David Roy Paul, Tony Brooks

Writer: Lloyd Humphreys / Director: Viktors Ritelis

Original Airdate: 22 Sep 1979 on BBC
Series: Secret Army Season 3 Episode 1