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Secrets and Lies: The Affair (ABC 8 Mar 2015 with Dan Fogler)



USA / ABC / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 8 March 2015 @ 9.00pm

Series: Secrets and Lies / Season 1 Episode 3

As the holidays approach, Ben Crawford tries in vain to keep his family together after the public revelation that murder victim, Tom Murphy, was also his illegitimate son. While under scrutiny from the entire neighborhood, Ben makes a startling discovery about a piece of evidence that could be used to implicate him in the murder of his son.

Ben’s life continues to unravel when another personal bombshell rocks the Crawford household. Quickly running out of people to trust, how long can Ben hold it together while maintaining his innocence.

And just as Ben is questioning who he can trust, Detective Cornell forges an unlikely friendship with one of Ben’s closest allies in’s original digital series “Cornell: Confidential,” which picks up where “Secrets and Lies” leaves off.

It’s a weekly digital series that will be available on and immediately following the East Coast broadcast of this episode and offers fans an intimate look into the investigation through Detective Andrea Cornell’s eyes.

regular cast
Ryan Phillippe as Ben Crawford
Juliette Lewis as Detective Cornell
KaDee Strickland as Christy Crawford
Natalie Martinez as Jess Murphy
Dan Fogler as Dave Lindsey
Indiana Evans as Natalie Crawford
Belle Shouse as Abby Crawford

guest cast
Greg Alan Williams as Kevin Williams
Denise Dowse as Elaine Williams
Kate Ashfield as Vanessa Richardson
Steven Brand as Dr. Joseph Richardson
Melissa Gilbert as Lisa Daly
Benjamin Ciaramello as Scott Murphy
Tad Cooley as Matt Daly
Meaghan Rath as Nicole
Michael Beach as Jim Fenton
Sean Grandillo as Cooper