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Secrets In the Marriage (Lifetime Friday February 3 2023)



Secrets In the Marriage

Secrets In the Marriage airs a new episode tonight Friday February 3 2023 on Lifetime.

Based on a true story. An anonymous lady calls newlyweds Kat and Richard and claims she is pregnant with Richard’s child. Kat believes Richard when he says that the woman is one of his past patients, but he adds that she has mental health concerns. Even so, Kat starts to wonder where Richard is after a few weeks have passed and she notices that he hasn’t been showing up to work.

Richard manipulates the dialogue as Kat challenges him, saying that Kat’s delusions are a side effect of her sleeping pills. At the very moment when Kat begins to question her sanity, she learns that Michael has been having an affair with their next-door neighbor, Vivienne.

Kat, in a rage, goes up to Richard and they get into a fight. When Richard finally takes the case to court, he uses his manipulation of the facts to paint Kat as the major suspect in the murder of the woman who had been staying at their house weeks earlier.

As Kat learns the shocking truth about Richard, she races against time to clear her name of a crime she didn’t commit and expose Richard for good.

With Brianna Cohen (Kat), Alex Trumble (Richard), Karen Strassman (Mayor), Grace McClanahan (Alex), Liana Giurissevich (District Attorney), Damon McKinnis (Phil), Lauren McCullough (Vivienne), Chuck Meré (Marcos), Lauren Palmer (Sue Taylor), Karsyn Elizabeth (Miriam), Doug Morris (Bailiff),

Airdate: Friday February 3 2023 at 8.00pm on Lifetime.

Featured Image Credit: Lifetime