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Secrets Of Egypt’s Valley Of The Kings: Warrior Queen Episode 2 airs Sun 31 Mar on C4



This action-packed series follows the adventures of international teams of Egyptologists as they unearth the world’s richest seam of ancient archaeology, inside Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. For a full season of excavations and with unprecedented access to the teams on the front line of archaeology, the programme follows these modern-day explorers as they battle searing heat and inhospitable terrain to make the discoveries of a lifetime.

In this episode, archaeologists reveal the mysteries of one of Egypt’s greatest female pharaohs, Hatshepsut. A team digging around her iconic temple find clues about her powerful reign. A rare discovery of a sphinx inside one of Hatshepsut’s ancient quarries sparks an investigation that leads to the magnificent temple of Karnak. And one archaeologist discovers dramatic evidence about the lives of women in ancient Egypt while excavating mummy parts from inside an ancient tomb.

Prod/Dirs: Andy Bailey, Mat Stimpson
Series Prod/Dir: Gwyn Williams
Exec Prods: Dan Kendall, Carlo Massarella, Jane McGoldrick
Prod Co: Windfall Films Ltd (part of the Argonon Group)

Airdate: Sunday 31 March 2019 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on Channel 4

Season 1 Episode 2



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