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Sell This House: Duluth Drama (S2EP20 A&E, Sat 22 Jan 2022)



Duluth Drama: A couple hopes to reopen their theater company in the wake of the COVID pandemic, but to fund their dreams, the couple needs help selling their home so that they can get the best deal from any potential interested buyers.

Airdate: Sat 22 Jan 2022 at 12:30 on A&E,

Season 2 Episode 20

Selling a home in 2020 is a tricky business. With so many resources at their fingertips, buyers these days are as savvy as ever. The longer your home sits unsold on the market, the more money you risk losing on the sale. But even with modern technology and information at the push of a button, one thing about homes has held true – your house has to look AMAZING to buyers – in online listings and in person – to achieve full value. So what can you do if your home is just stalled on the market with no offers? You send Tanya Memme to the rescue. In an all new season of the beloved A&E series Sell This House, Tanya dives into the problem homes of desperate sellers to get their houses SOLD. With so many options just a click away, prospective buyers are picky and skipping over potential gems, sometimes before even attending the Open House. By covertly filming open houses, Tanya and her team take on the residential reclamations by showing the sellers what buyers are really seeing and saying, and then hustling to fix the issues before the next open houses. With a ticking clock and thousands of dollars on the line, Tanya will have to get busy fast in order to sell this house!