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Selling Houses Australia: Bridport, TAS (S14EP10 LifeStyle Wed 1 June 2022)



Bridport, TAS: Single mother Charmaine entered the workforce after raising her children and decided to invest in property for her retirement plan. After months on the market and witnessing similar properties in the area sell, Charmaine needs help to sell and secure her future nest egg.

While this property does have charm, it’s in desperate need of a cosmetic lift to make it stand out amongst the new builds around it. This devoted mother needs the Selling Houses Australia team to help her transform her property so she can secure a sale and make some headway on her retirement plan.

Airdate: Wed 1 June 2022 at 20:30 on LifeStyle

Season 14 Episode 10

The series follows property owners who are having difficulty selling their home. The show is hosted by property expert Andrew Winter, who is joined by landscaper Charlie Albone, and interior designer Shaynna Blaze. The team initially assess the property, and then proceed with a renovation to boost the property’s appeal and salability. The property is then put up for sale and the result is shown at the end of each episode.