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Selling Houses Australia: Collingwood Park (LifeStyle Sat 16 July 2022)



Collingwood Park: Budget sellers Jason and Christine despise agents. They find it incomprehensible why you would pay a commision of thousands of dollars when you could sell the house yourself. It can’t possibly be that difficult. They placed a do-it-yourself sell internet listing for their modest Brisbane home seven months ago. They didn’t bother to order a sign or any marketing supplies in order to save even more money.

The fact that the house hasn’t sold and there hasn’t been much interest comes as no great surprise. Can Andrew convince our frugal couple that using an agent is worth the commision, or will they insist on using a DIY method?

Airdate: Saturday 16 July 2022 at 8.35pm on LifeStyle.

Season 1 Episode 6