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Selling Houses Australia: Petersham (LifeStyle Monday 4 July 2022)



The 100th Episode gives back to the Salvos!

The Salvos family has owned this large four-bedroom heritage federation home for almost a century. William Bramwell Booth, the General of the Salvation Army at the time and the son of the Salvation Army founder William Booth, paid 1150 pounds for the house in 1920. The house has housed several Salvation Army officers and their families over the years.

In order to raise much-needed funds for their homeless services, The Salvos must sell this property. The problem is that it is dilapidated and rife with water damage, peeling paint, and cracked walls. Once the SHA team has finished with it, the newly refurbished house will go to auction and given it’s in the super hot inner west, will hopefully sell for a motza.

Airdate: Monday 4 July 2022 at 7.15pm on LifeStyle.

Season 10 Episode 1