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Selling Houses Australia: Rosebrook, NSW (S14EP9 LifeStyle Wed 25 May 2022)



Rosebrook, NSW: Selling a home is never easy… selling your parents home is harder still. Jane John’s mother, Bernadette, passed away unexpectedly and Jane was left in possession of her house… the house she grew up in. Set on a massive 42 acres of land this retro 70’s style Spanish home was turning buyers away. Jane and her family desperately need to sell this house as the maintenance of this property alone is an additional cost they can’t afford. Can the Selling Houses Team help Jane transform this house and bring it back into the 21st century?

Airdate: Wed 25 May 2022 at 20:30 on LifeStyle

Season 14 Episode 9

The series follows property owners who are having difficulty selling their home. The show is hosted by property expert Andrew Winter, who is joined by landscaper Charlie Albone, and interior designer Shaynna Blaze. The team initially assess the property, and then proceed with a renovation to boost the property’s appeal and salability. The property is then put up for sale and the result is shown at the end of each episode.