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Shabby Tiger: A Jealous Mistress (ITV 18 Jul 1973, with Patrick Holt)



In A Jealous Mistress Nick wants Anna to move in with him but on a strictly platonic basis. He is already seeing her as something of a muse though. Having spent the night together (separately) at painter friends Anton’s studio the first thing Nick wants to do is paint Anna. Nick also agrees that Anna can have her son Bryan to live with them as soon as they find something suitable – which just happens to be a loft above a frame-makers.

There is a bit of a weird dynamic between Rachel and her brother Jacob, she clearly looks down on him and doesn’t like the fact that he is looking after Anna’s son rather than Anna. And Rachel herself meanwhile is determined to make something of her life and is planning to move into her own flat in Disbury.

A Jealous Mistress really shows the strengths of the series. Fabulous performances and the dialogue literally sparkles at times, lifting the story up out of it’s depressed 1930’s setting.

Shabby Tiger A Jealous Mistress

classic quote
“You need someone to look after you but I’m not applying for a job that’s not advertised.”

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 18 July 1973 at 9.00pm

Writer: Geoffrey Lancashire / Production Design: Colin Rees / Director: Baz Taylor

Series: Shabby Tiger Episode 2 (of 7)

John Nolan as Nick Faunt
Prunella Gee as Anna Fitzgerald
Sharon Mughan as Rachel Rosing
Howard Southern as Jacob Rosing
Rowland Davies as Anton Brune
Patrick Holt as Sir George
Stanley Dawson as Sam Buckley
Alexander Edgar as Brian
George Malpas as Mr Carless
Alick Hayes as Mr Hanson
Victor Tandy as President
Paula Tilbrook as Mrs Henshaw
Fred Crossley as Park attendent