Shabby Tiger: A Wife in Water Colours (ITV 11 Jul 1973, with Nigel Havers)

In A Wife In Water Colours Irish servant girl Anna Fitzgerald has walked out on her life and is tramping the fields of Cheshire en route to Manchester, she falls in with artist Nick Flaunt who is camping.

Making their way to Manchester the pair meet Piggy White and his assistant Mo. Piggy is a bookmaker and clearly knows more about Anna and past than she would like. In a conversation with Mo it looks like Anna may have a child that Mo is caring for. It’s not made explicitly clear whether Mo is the child’s father.

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Once the pair reach the big city Anna discovers Nick is the son of a Sir although he claims not to be interested in his family or it’s titles. Nick also meets fellow artist Anton who introduces him to Rachel Rosing – it turns out that Anna also knows Rachel – she is the sister of Mo.

Anna also reveals to Nick that she is the mother of a five year old son.

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production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 11 July 1973 at 9.00pm

Writer: Geoffrey Lancashire / Production Direction: Colin Rees / Director: Baz Taylor

Series: Shabby Tiger Episode 1 (of 7)

Prunella Gee as Anna Fitzgerald
John Nolan as Nick Faunt
Sharon Mughan as Rachel Rosing
Howard Southern as Jacob “Mo” Rosing
Nigel Havers as Toby Scriven
John Sharp as Piggy hite
Rowland Davies as Anton Brune
Ted Morris as Unemployed man
Geoff Tomlinson as Adolph
Nellie Hanham as Mrs Moss
Alexander Edgar as Brian

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