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Shades of Darkness: Bewitched (S1EP7 Granada 8 Jul 1983, Alfred Burke)



Bewitched: A sickly man living alone in a country cottage befriends the ghost of a dead girl. But the locals soon come to believe that he’s fallen victim of witchcraft.

Episode Cast: Eileen Atkins (Mrs Rutledge), Alfred Burke (Reverend Hibben), Ray Smith (Sylvester Brand), Gareth Thomas (Owen Bosworth), Alfred Lynch (Saul Rutledge), Mary Healey (Loretta Bosworth), Martyn Hesford (Andrew), Mary Jo Randle (The Girl)

Writer: Alan Plater / Director: John Gorrie

Airdate: 8 Jul 1983 on Granada

Series: Shades of Darkness Season 1 Episode 7

Show Info: An anthology series of spooky and menacing dramas, mostly period.