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Shades of Darkness: The Intercessor (S1EP2 Granada 3 Jun 1983, John Duttine)



The Intercessor: A writer doing some research at an old farm house is disturbed by the crying of a child late at night. But he’s assured that there are no children in the house and hasn’t been for many years…

Episode Cast: John Duttine (Garvin), Maggie Ford (Mrs Falshaw), David hargreaves (Mr Falshaw), Chrissie Cotterill (Rachel), Annette Wilkie-Miller (child), Peter Hughes (MacKinnon)

Writer: Alan Plater / Director: Peter Smith

Airdate: 3 Jun 1983 on Granada

Series: Shades of Darkness Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: An anthology series of spooky and menacing dramas, mostly period.